I’m Pretty Sure Donald Trump Just Signed the Entire LSU Team Up For the 2020 Draft In Iran + Recap of LSU’s Visit to the White House


LSU went to visit the White House today after their National Championship victory on Monday. Joe Burrow was already putting a beat down on fashion statements everywhere with his white tube socks under the suit look.

joe burrow white socks


Late into the campaign rally event of fun, robot Trump took it upon himself to go full campaign rally heel when inviting the team back to the Oval Office for pictures. I’m pretty sure once he said the whole LSU would take out terrorists like he did, that was a guarantee that they’d be signed up for the draft in Iran come 2020. Fuck shaking Goodell’s hand in June, you’ll be shaking a 5 star General’s instead as you’re going to pick out your fatigues and get a buzz-cut. What a wild occurrence that just cracks me up. You could have Trump dishing out food to the homeless and he’d find a way to take shots at his opponents.

“You know, I served those green beans better then any President slinging green beans. And now they want to impeach me? Can you believe it?”

The whole event lasted 20 minutes but there was some gold in it. Especially him bringing up Jamarr Chase to speak who definitely was either high, didn’t want to be there, or is just shy to say,


More below:

The intro speaker called Coach O “Ed Oger-eaux” which was definitely not a joke, but plays for the Creole’s so no harm no foul. Trump opened with mentioning how great the stock market was doing which there couldn’t of been a more perfect timing for that, right?


Trump couldn’t stop talking about how much money LSU was going to make


Pac-12 Officiating is not safe!


Trump thought he was getting the Heisman

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