Did Joe Burrow Just Make White Tube Socks Under A Suit Fashionable?

joe burrow white socks


I’ll tell you what. If GQ or Vogue or Virgil Abloh start declaring white tube socks as ‘In’ to wear with suits the game will forever be changed. You know how awesome it would be if I could just roll up to a wedding with Nike mid-calves and not have to worry about the looks of disgust from the bride and groom?

“Pssh, did you see the cover of GQ with Iron Man on it? Declared the stigmas of white tube socks dead.”

Dress socks are the most uncomfortable thing in the world paired with dress shoes. There is never enough support or comfort because for some reason dress shocks need to be made with 1/50th the nylon that regular socks are made with. Do we need spiders in Filipino sweatshops to start working overtime spinning webs? I assume that’s how they make socks still. Is there a shortage on nylon that has my socks with as much girth as pantyhose? My damn big toe shoots out of all my dress socks once ‘Shout’ starts playing at the wedding. I can’t be having that.

I’ll be waiting to hear back from the powers that be in the fashion world because I don’t have the fashion sense to pull this off. According to Society Socks we’ve not been given the go-ahead to rock tube socks under the suit yet.

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 11.23.43 AM


I’ll tell you something if Joe Burrow is able to bring down the tube sock social stigma then that is an accomplishment higher than Heisman and National Champion. That is Nobel Peace Prize status.


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