Cleveland Athletes Can’t Stop Getting In Trouble For Slapping People’s Asses

When will it stop? When will the senseless and non-sensical ass slapping by Cleveland athletes commence it’s ugly reign of terror? First, you had Odell Beckham Jr. forcefully placing his hands under the left butt cheek of an officer of the law on Monday. This wasn’t one of those officers OBJ’s friends usually hire for him from the local Chippendales when he wants to have a ‘chill Saturday night in’.


Now we have Tristan Thompson, who notoriously cannot keep his hands to himself, slapping former teammate Jae Crowder’s ass to get ejected. This is taking Cleveland Steamer to a whole nother level if you ask me. I think the Governor of Ohio has to declare a state of emergency in Cleveland. Have the NBA and NFL send out those sex-ed videos from the 1970s to each team and inform them on how to appropriately act when your body is raging with hormones you can’t stop yourself from smacking asses. Someone get eyes on Baker Mayfield stat.

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