New Report: Astros players wore buzzing devices during sign stealing scheme

So, this Astros sign stealing scandal keeps growing, and growing and growing.

First the Astros report came out, Hinch and Luhnow both were suspended then both fired. The report was obviously linked to Alex Cora and the Red Sox wasted no time cutting ties with him as their manager.

Now, today the Mets and former Astros player Carlos Beltran (only player named in the report) have mutually parted ways.

If you have been living under a big ass rock and have no idea about this scandal. During at least the 2017 regular season and postseason (where they won the World Series) the Houston Astros created a dynamic sign stealing scheme.

They had a camera pointed at the catcher. A live stream TV monitor in the tunnel under their dugout. And they would signal to the batter what pitch was coming by banging on trash cans.

Welp.. That’s not all folks. It seems to be getting more elaborate and much worse.

Before you say, who the hell is that??

She broke the Beltran to the Mets news first. She broke the Beltran leaving the Mets first so why would she be wrong now??

Oh boy..

As a Yankee fan I am furious, obviously. Could this elaborate cheating scandal the Astros were using have screwed the Yankees out of the World Series in 2017 AND 2019??

I’ll let you be the judge to see what you think about these very interesting pictures…

Micheal Kay NAILED this during his show on the YES Network on Wednesday.

This is only going to get deeper and deeper and worse and worse. But, if baseball has it’s way they will do everything in their power to make it go away ASAP.

Could you say “every team does it?” Sure. But that’s a lazy ass take. These bums got caught red handed. And, if more evidence comes out that they were wearing buzzers…

Take the 2017 banner down. And ban as many of these bums as it takes.


Or is that just confetti?!


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