BREAKING NEWS: Carlos Beltran OUT as Mets Manager

Another one bites the dust…

He never managed ONE game with the Mets.

Has there ever been something more…


Is this fair to Beltran? Maybe, maybe not. He was the only player named in the report, honestly probably because he got the Mets managerial job.

I am going to withhold judgment on the Mets with this one until more facts come out. Did Carlos lie to them during the interview process? When the heat started to get hotter, did he continue to lie?

If those things are true the Mets had every right to force Beltran out. Maybe he knew that was coming and thought he would save some face before getting fired.

So many questions, that will hopefully all be answered in time. But until then, all we know is that 3 cheaters are out of jobs… One before even doing.. His job.

Feature Image – Washington Post

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