LSU is Now Being Investigated for Odell’s Cash-Gate

If you missed it (and how could you), Odell Beckham Jr. made LSU’s championship post-game media content super cringeworthy on Monday night. OBJ completely made the moment about himself instead of the players who are currently at LSU. Hard to blame him given that’s the closest he’s been to a title since his only appearance in the playoffs with the Giants, which came after the infamous Boat Pic.

He was yelling over Coach O’s post-game locker room speech, he was dancing in the middle instead of players, and he spanked a cop. But what really is going to do Odell and LSU in is the video of him pulling out a thick wad of cash and handing it out to players.

It was the most obvious NCAA violation of all time since Lebron pulled up to school in a Hummer or Eric Dickerson’s “Trans A&M” ordeal. Looks like Odell may have taken his latest sideline theatrics too far:

It’s obviously ridiculously stupid that this could be a violation in the first place while the coaches on both sidelines haul in millions while the kids bust their ass for nothing. He threw them some bills, so what?!

But the fact remains that Odell continues to be one of the most tome dead athletes of all-time. Didn’t think he could surpass the moment he pee’d like a dog but here we are.

Any logical and reasonable group or human being would look the other way on this one. The team and a former player got caught up in a massive celebration. It shouldn’t be a big deal because these kids should be getting paid anyways. It’s a good thing the NCAA is known for logic, reason and decenc- ohhhh my God LSU is so fucked.

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