Does This Look Like the Future Face of the XFL?

The week after the Super Bowl, when the NFL season has wrapped, the XFL will officially be revived and league play will kick off! The XFL will be replacing the AAF this year with the “well I guess this is all we have to do with ourselves until March Madness starts” league.

When it comes to the success of any league, it is really dependent on star power. With that being said, does this look like the face of a star who could carry the XFL to ratings glory?

The Lebron of the XFL with less drama and shitty GM decisions.

The Tom Brady of the XFL with more charisma and charm.

The Lamar Jackson of the XFL with less of ESPN’s slobber on his dick.

After his tryout for XFL kicker today, PFT Commenter is well on his way to recreating the story of Invincible for one lucky team in that league.  Kid was straight cash on all his extra points during his tryout and there’s no reason to suggest that doesn’t continue into the regular season. Here’s PFT’s reaction to his tryout:

Interesting, his take on his tryout is exactly our reaction to our debut on Philly Pheud last week. Did we win? No. But we didn’t screw up on camera and our glamour muscles looked good. The moral victories are way more important.

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