How About OBJ Giving LSU Players Stacks Of $100s After LSU Won Last Night?


You ever leave your grandmother’s house as a kid and she slips you a $20 and you feel like you’re the richest kid in the world? Yea, multiply that by 1000, and you have what OBJ is doing right now. He no lie just took $2k out of his satchel and handed $1,000 each to Justin Jefferson and Jontre Kirklin. He’s like your fun uncle who just gave you a bunch of fireworks to set off with no supervision. Do you know what a couple of National Champions can do with $1,000 each on Bourbon Street? Damage! I’m sure Justin Jefferson put his away in his rainy day fund for when there is an emergency or the new XBox comes out. Not, that motherfucker went right to the club, cashed it all in on singles, and made it rain of some stripper. They’re honestly probably still going, not knowing what time it is. The funny thing is this $1,000 in 5 months isn’t going to mean shit to Justin Jefferson because he’s a first round talent. I’m almost positive him and Ja’Marr Chase are the fastest human beings alive on the face of this earth. The greatest thing about this is OBJ basically giving a big fuck you to the NCAA because they can’t do nothing about it. Jefferson basically declared for the draft in this video. Millions of cameras all around them and Uncle OBJ is like, “Here nephew. Go get something nice on your uncle.” Fuck the NCAA!

Joe Burrow deserved at least $5k right?

P.S. Jontre Kirklin is only a Junior and I’m pretty sure he’s not going to the NFL this year, but I’m not here to snitch. Go spend that money before they try to take it back young king! No evidence, no crime.

P.P.S. This is the closest OBJ is ever going to get to winning a title. Boom. Roasted.

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