We Took Over Atlanta! Behind The Scenes Of The Peach Bowl: Day 1

First, shout out to GameDay Guides for hooking us up with the trip it was amazing. The Branded fam flew down to Atlanta to give you the best damn Peach Bowl coverage any blog ever could. By the time we left the entire state was begging for us to move operations from Philly to Atlanta and honestly I think we should.

Everything about the trip was great but so far you’ve only seen the cookie cutter stuff. Of course it was great content but I am here to show you how that great content got made. This is a two part series so look out for the second video on Thursday!

There was a lot of alcohol consumed on this trip and a lot of money lost by yours truly. My memory isn’t all there but I believe we have some more videos still being edited of this weekend so make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of the content this year. CEO Joe won’t let us take a break so along with all of the great blogs and social media shit you guys already see every day we are also going hard with videos this year. Don’t be the loser who misses out.

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