Stop Saying You’re Going To Run Through A Brick Wall If You’re Not Going To Actually Do It

Feels like every 5 minutes or so online people are claiming someone has got them wanting to run through a brick wall. But for some reason I never hear any actual stories of anyone attempting to actually run through one. It’s gotta be something that has crossed some 14 year old Tik Tok star’s mind but they don’t want to end up on Ridiculousness instead. So if no one is actually ever going to do it, I think we should consider retiring the phrase run through a brick wall. Or maybe just calm down a little bit.

First of all it sounds like a form of misplaced aggression–pretty violent to get yourself so worked up you are willing to catapult your body at full force into such a hard surface. I don’t see a lot of women threatening to run into any walls. We know how to internalize all of our anxious behavior and direct it in a much more healthy outburst of alcohol abuse and pizza.

Second of all it’s a dumb idea. Physics will tell you it’s an extremely bad decision that is essentially suicide. I don’t think that’s what any of these NFL coaches or quarterbacks would advise anyone to do (except maybe Coach O for the love of the game).

Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 10.15.53 PM

People have been saying this as far back as 1949, and probably a lot more than that in the caveman days, but nowadays it’s been drastically overused.

This speech couldn’t even get the Texans to protect a 24 point lead let alone run through any buildings.

In what situation would you ever need to run through a wall for Josh McCown?? Like the gates of heaven are waiting with a deal to get in only if you run through a brick wall for Josh McCown?

I appreciate in this day and age that we are so open to break down walls instead of building them but stop threatening it if you’re not going to do it at least once.


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