Did We Just Witness The Horniest Broadcast Of All Time?

When I heard Dan Fouts and Ian Eagle were on the call for this Ravens Titans AFC Divisional game I felt physically ill. I thought we’d at worst hear a completely incompetent broadcast that was factually incorrect and also painfully boring. What I did not expect was the horniest broadcast of all time.

On my list of ‘people I don’t want to hear talk about sex’, Dan Fouts and Ian Eagle are 3 and 4 after my parents. Gene Steratore is 9. Absolutely no idea what splitting cheeks means. It’s just a completely organic reaction from 2 twelve year olds. Couldn’t contain themselves on a national broadcast to start giggling about butt cheeks.

We have certainly had some horny TV broadcasts–like the time Jeff Van Gundy almost came on live television.

Or when Julia Rose flashed her tits during the World Series. Really anytime Cris Collinsworth talks about Saquon Barkley’s thighs.

Nothing quite as horny as two 50+ year olds talkin about splitting an NFL tight ends tight end. Tony Romo could never.


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