The Eagles Season is Over, But Injuries Keep Pouring In

And for the Grand Finale of the Injury Season From Hell…DRUMROLL PLEASE…

This is fucking ridiculous. Either someone from the Philadelphia Eagles forgot to carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain and cursed the team for all eternity, or the entire medical staff should be fired.

Amazingly ironic that a city with a hospital on damn near every corner is constantly riddled with a slew of injuries. Is there any competent doctor out there that can save us from ourselves?!

It’s not shocking that a 40 year old who didn’t get a proper warm-up and came in cold off the bench had a soft tissue injury. It’s just ridiculous that our injury plagued season is over and we’re STILL finding out about players who are hurt (Nate Gerry also has surgery yesterday for a core muscle injury).

If McCown would’ve had to come out of that game, I would’ve loved to hear and see the crowd reaction to what would be the back-up plan for our back-up quarterback. Carson already had the concussion, McCown had the torn hamstring and Nate Sudfeld was inactive. You know what that would’ve led to? THE FOLK HERO SEASON OF GREG WARD CONTINUES. It wouldn’t even have been a wild cat offense either because that dude used to sling it around the yard as a Houston Cougar!

There are no such things as Football Gods, but some higher power was telling us to take a hint that this year was NOT our year.

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