Natty Light Is Giving Everyone That Turns 21 In 2020 Free Beer

Fox 29: “To honor the momentous moment, Natural Light is hoping to celebrate with anyone who turns 21 in 2020 by treating them to free beer.

Anyone celebrating their 21st birthday can redeem their free beer by heading to at any point in 2020 and using the offer number AB-1999, the company said.

They’ll need to prove they turned 21 this year and provide a receipt or UPC code for the beer. The brand will then refund them for the cost.”

I’m excuse me what now? where is the shit when I turn 21? I’ve been a proud natty light drinker for years now. I still to this day drink natty light at an age that most would deem inappropriate. Why you ask? Because Natty is not only delicious but also economically friendly. Do I like a glass of red wine, of course. is my wedding cocktail of choice a gin and tonic, you bet your ass it is. But if I have the guys together and we’re playing beer ball we’re just drinking as if we’re teenagers again, Natty light is king.

I’m glad to see that they’re giving back to the youth but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t more than a little bit jealous. I feel like my longtime lover just kissed another man right in front of my face. So to all the 21 year olds out there. Enjoy her. She’s the sweetest gift you don’t know you have until she’s gone.

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