Feel Good Friday: 6 Year Old Beats Cancer & Gets A Standing O From the Whole School


Look at John Oliver over here just telling cancer to fuck right off! This kid has been battling this terrible disease for three years. I’ve been home from work for the last two days with a sore throat and 99 degree ‘fever’ and I’ve been crying like a baby. John Oliver has been poked and prodded, gone through countless amounts of chemotherapy and he’s come back stronger than ever with a head of hair that has been blessed by Achilles himself.

What an awesome video and awesome job by the school. John Oliver not only took down a thankless disease, but was also welcomed like a king when he got back to school. I couldn’t imagine having those years taken away as a kid. Nap time, playing in the dirt at tee-ball, birthday parties. Poor J.O. never got to experience these. But now that he’s 100% back everyone watch out because John Oliver’s here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and he’s all out of bubblegum. #FuckCancer


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