Catch Branded Vs Crossing Broad On NBC Sports This Saturday Night

That’s right. This Saturday, two of the best sports blogs in Philly (really it’s Crossing Broad is first and we’re like a waaaaaaaay distant second) will square off on NBC Sports’ Philly Pheud. Hosted by none other than Mike Missanelli and ref’d by his right hand woman Natalie Egenolf.

Below is the tv schedule for our episode. We will be the official lead in to the Sixers pre game show Saturday night.


So after the 49ers are finished man handling the Vikings and the game is over by half time. Flip on over to NBC Sports or set that DVR (still a thing?) and check out the greatest episode of Philly Pheud there every has been or ever will be.

PS: Expect me to use this gif more than you’d like


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