The Jason Garrett “Gimp” Shirt Is The Best Present For That Eagles Fan In Your Life


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Shoutout to DSGN Tree for letting us come on the podcast and talk about the start of Branded Sports, Eagles, Sixers, and a bunch more. When we were deciding on ideas for the pod one we came up with was all three of us designing a t-shirt that the other had no idea what it was going to be.

Immediately my sick brain went to Jerry Jones holding Jason Garrett hostage until January 14th presumably in his sex dungeon. The simple fact that the Giants had to ask the Cowboys to interview Jason Garrett after firing him and hiring a new coach is lunacy. The NFL needs to step in and eradicate the Cowboys from the entire league. How much abuse can one guy take? Well according to the Jason Garrett “Gimp” shirt he gets off on the abuse.

Get your Jason Garrett “Gimp” t-shirt for that special Eagles fan in your life HERE:


Also, Joe delivered a Clowney shirt that is great and should fly off the shelves before Clowney’s return to the Linc next year. Buy that one HERE:




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