Kevin Durant Is In A Twitter War With Kendrick Perkins After Fighting People Online For The Past Week

It’s Russell Westbrook night in Oklahoma City and that had to have been on Kevin Durant’s calendar for months. But when a tribute goes so above and beyond like this one, we should have seen this KD meltdown from a mile away.

I mean Russell Westbrook night did not shy on the theatrics. If I didn’t know any better I would have gotten swept up thinking Westbrook brought 3 titles to this city. Plus this type of support from your peers? Kevin Durant somehow restrained himself from throwing his phone out the window to lash out on Twitter.

This tweet from Kendrick Perkins is what pushed KD over the edge.

Without basketball, Twitter trolling is all he has. So why not mix things up with Kendrick Perkins, known to be as much of a bully off the court as he was on it? Guess things didn’t end two well when the two played together in that long history of Oklahoma City folklore.

Using a “yea” and an “lol” in his response is why some people will never respect KD. I mean, Kendrick Perkins is in fact an NBA champion, what an insult. Like pulling the pin from a grenade. Kendrick Perkins does not give a single fuck.

KD wants to make it very clear that this is not because he is upset he didn’t get the Russell Westbrook treatment for the people of OKC.

Upon further review he might be telling the truth. Kevin Durant has been fighting with anyone and everyone on Twitter for almost all of 2020 so far. He’s got the time. Champ is a staple in KD Twitter war.

So glad KD finally stopped using his burner to do all the dirty work under his own verified account.


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