High School Announcer With The Most Brutal Call Of All Time


I mean what is this guy doing? Announcer 1 is trying to pour his heart out about the passing of his dear Lucy who he brutally murdered in cold blood. And my man couldn’t care less. A couple things about announcer 1 I need to address by the way. First off, please tell me Lucy was his dog or cat or hamster. No one wants to lose a pet but if he is admitting to running over and killing his 12 year old daughter mid game we need him behind bars fast. Secondly, why now? Why is this the time and/or place to bring this up? You think Lucy wants to be remembered this way, a high school basketball game? No. Put some God damn respect in Lucy’s name. She was a valued member of this family and you will treat her as such.

And now let’s get to announcer 2. My first reaction to hearing him say to this sad fella “LIKE THAT?!??!”

Let this guy mourn in peace you animal. The body isn’t even cold yet and my man is dunking all over his emotions. “Oh did your dog get run over like that you mother fucker!!!!!!” A part of me respects the hell out of it because that is a man that is committed to his job. Your dead loved one’s sob story isn’t getting in the way of a fire call.

So I guess RIP to Lucy. Hope you’re in doggy heaven enjoying unlimited bones and hew toys.

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