This Mic’d Up Cricket Player Getting Drilled in the Balls Isn’t Funny, Butttttt It’s Pretty Funny

I don’t know much about cricket, but I doubt a swing and a miss while getting drilled in the balls is an excellent strategy to employ:

This is Liam Livingstone, and if this video is any indication, we will not be seeing a Liam Livingstone Jr. in the future. Dude absolutely whiffs on the swing and ends up with two swollen testicles, all while being mic’d up!

That “OHHHH NO” he lets out is so relatable because we’ve all been in that situation where there’s sack impact and “oh no” may be last breath we let out of our bodies. You get drilled and it’s as if a dementor from Harry Potter is sucking the soul out of your lifeless body.

Also would like to give a shoutout to the announcers for keeping it real. Anytime announcers are involved my brain always transitions to how Booger McFarland would screw up that situation. But, these guys just cut up in the booth and let the situation explain itself.

Amazing, Hard Knocks has been putting out mic’d up content for years and nothing they’ve done has ever been as funny as this guy getting drilled in the nuts on the swing and having an entire audience hear it.

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