Josh McDaniels To The Browns Makes Too Much Sense

I have to disagree with CEO Joe on this one. He said with Judge going to the Giants it makes sense that McDaniels will stay and eventually take over for Bill. I agree that makes the most sense but I still don’t see it happening.

I think when Bill steps down as coach first order of business is his son stepping up. Good old fashioned nepotism. Steve seems good so maybe it’ll be fine but I think that is far more likely than Josh getting the job. I think he was promised the job and that’s why he ended up not going to the Colts but things change and I think after this year the writing is on the wall. I’ve been saying for years that we need to move on from McDaniels but I think this year showed why we need new blood.

All that being said the Browns job makes SO much sense for him. They need a HC that has the respect of the league and Josh has that. They have a young QB who is supposed to have a high ceiling and an elite receiving core. Things didn’t work for Josh in Denver and I’ll admit this isn’t the best situation but if Josh wants to prove he’s a legit coach in this league this is the perfect job. Imagine leaving the best coach and QB of all time to start your own journey and bring the fucking Browns to the playoffs? He would be an immediate legend in Cleveland.

The only other person I could see taking the job is like Urban Meyer and that isn’t going to happen so I’d bet on Josh taking the job in the coming weeks.

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