Doug Pederson Acting Like A Crazy Person During The Howie Press Conference Today


Doug, you good bro? Has anyone checked on him since this presser ended? If not, might want to just quickly circle back with him. If I didn’t know any better I’d bet he was the one that got blasted in the back of the head by Clowney. Didn’t have a chance to catch the presser live but I heard Howie was pretty open and honest. Personally I really like Howie. I think he has his issues, I mean no one is a perfect GM. But what he does by managing the cap is second to none. I’ll take a guy that can do something better than anyone else in the league. And hope he can get football talent minds around him to find draft gems in the future. But I digress.

Just praying that whatever Doug is thinking about in this clip he gets. His wife better keep her head on a swivel tonight. Big daddy Doug is thirsty.

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