These NBA Power Rankings Are WILD


I’m not one to pay attention to things like this but this list seems super off. Celtics have the third best record in the league I get that but you have to consider more than just the record when doing power rankings. I’m a Celtics fan and they are just too high here. Clippers, Lakers and Bucks are the top 3 and that shouldn’t be a debate.

When I first saw these I only focused on the Celtics placement but the Heat being fifth is way to high and maybe the funniest part about all this is the Sixers aren’t even in the top 10! I talk a lot of shit and honestly Philly has been disappointing but they’re clearly a top 10 team. There is no question about it.

We have a second list and somehow it’s even worse. and ESPN should just lose ALL credibility this is insane. The Jazz being anywhere near thirst lists is insane. NBA.coms list has Miami ahead of the Clippers! I mean who the fuck got paid to do this??

The Thunder are barely a playoff team but some shmuck thinks they’re a top 10 team, fuck off. Just fuck off.

All power rankings are cancelled from this point forward. No time table on their return.

Be better.

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