Red Sox Are Cheaters… But Not Really


Every single day I hope and pray that the teams I like will cheat to get a competitive edge and every time a story of them “cheating” comes out I’m disappointed. Patriots film the Bengals sideline to steal their signs (even though no one has used sideline signs in like 15 years), they’re cheaters. That’s not fun, there’s no competitive edge there.

Same goes with this story. I get how getting any edge when there’s a 90 MPH ball flying a foot from your face might help. You still have to hit the fucking ball though. You give me 100 tries of telling me what pitch is coming and I might make contact with like 2 of them. People online are fake mad and will call anyone cheaters for anything, in all reality if you get upset about stuff like this you’re just insecure and mad your team is shit.

I’m just upset they got caught. How do you get caught cheating it makes no sense. Everyone is cheating and like 3 teams a year get caught, how are you guys not better at hiding this shit.

Morale of the story, cheat more and get caught less. Win titles. Give me another parade.

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