Not So Hot Take: Hannah B is The Worst

It’s that weird time of the year where college football is essentially over and the NFL is winding down, so the only thing that could get your competitive juices flowing is The Bachelor. Last night, the new cast of characters was revealed and the contestant who is The Worst™️ this season may surprise you:

Hannah is the person who peaked in high school sports, so after they graduate they keep showing up to high school events. They’re still hanging in the high school parking lot with a whole grade of people they didn’t grow up with because they aren’t ready to move on from that stage of life yet.

Straight from Jean Ralphio’s lips to the ABC screen, Hannah B is the worstttt.

Remember that time she didn’t pick Pilot Pete? He didn’t even make it until the final episode. She gave this man a bronze medal and sent him picking. She chose WRONG. And after she did, then she wanted Tyler, she even asked him out live on TV. But now he hangs out with models and Kylie’s friends. He’s moved on and is doing his own thing.

So, since she can’t get attention from the first two, she’s back to her bronze medal winner! Pete gets his own show (thanks to Hannah dumping him) and he’s getting attention from all these new girls/contestants. Now that he’s in a good place and ready to move on to 20 some possible new girlfriends, and Hannah isn’t getting attention, in she waltzes, ready to hijack the season. Classic case of you don’t realize what you have until its gone.

Hannah B is just Daisy from the Great Gatsby but in 2020 instead of 1920. A manipulator who will always end up getting her way, never realizing what the path of destruction looks like behind her.

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