Giants Hire Joe Judge As Their Next Head Coach Which Means One Thing For The Pats

Joe 1

This feels like a surprise hire to me. Schefter suggesting that this was done before the Rhule deal but some how this feels like the consolation prize. Wide receiver coach to head coach seems like a big jump but good for Joe.

I think this is great for the Patriots though. This to me means that Josh McDaniels isn’t going anywhere and will still be the man to take over when Bill does decide to step away. Who is going to step in as the new WR coach for the Pats? Not a clue but I hope it’s Randy Moss. Won’t be, no shot it is but imagine that. What a sight that would be.

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[…] have to disagree with CEO Joe on this one. He said with Judge going to the Giants it makes sense that McDaniels will stay and eventually take over for Bill. I agree that makes the […]

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