Tua To Announce He Is Not Returning To Alabama At Noon

Insane to think he was going to return for one more year. He and Saban would have had to have sat down and he told coach, listen, I’m deciding when I’m sitting. No more him playing in a game where they are up by 30. Also Saban would have to promised to cut him like a $5 million dollar check right? Just no shot he returns without some type of cash in the pocket already. This would be a really bone headed move if you ask me but at the same time, I’d be really excited to get another year of Tua in college football. He stays healthy, Bama would be next year what LSU is this year.

Glad to see he is heading to the NFL. The injury too should keep him out of Cincinnati so that’s a big win. Joe played his way to the Bengals, meanwhile Tua injured himself to the Patriots. Chess not checkers.

Featured Image: Twitter

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