Ricky Gervais’ Entire Monologue From The Golden Globes

I love Ricky Gervais, actually love anyone that just tells it like it is. He basically went up there and told all the actors to go and shove it. Just a tasty treat to watch them sit there and try to fake being happy while they get dragged on national television. At one point he makes a joke about how Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself and the crowd moans. He immediately tells them to shut up and says “I know he’s your friend but I don’t care.” I mean that’s just gold.

The best part though hands down was about the hypocrisy around the actors moral grounds. He starts by talking about Apple’s streaming service and The Morning Show. He then begins to tear every “Woke” person in the room. Basically saying if Isis had a streaming service everyone of these actors would call their agents to get a role. The truth hurts. I think we need Ricky to do this every year. He claims it to be his last but I hope he does it again and again. Just showing up unexpectedly. Tell everyone it’s going to be someone else and boom he pops out and just ruins all the actor’s nights. Give me that every year for the rest of time.

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