Let’s Face It: Every Fanbase Of Every Team Sucks

Wildcard Weekend 2019 was one for the books. Obviously the Patriots lost but with the Saints and the Eagles both losing on Sunday, there’s really no team left on social media that can be overly obnoxious on social media heading into the Divisional round. None of the teams that won this weekend even really put on a performance to be talking shit about.

But all I’ve been seeing on Twitter is a battle to prove who has the worst fans. Bills fans were the clear fan-fan favorite but even they got a little feisty after that OT loss to the Texans. One person burned a Tom Brady jersey to go viral and we’ve had all of the “smh cheatriots fans” coming out of every crevice of the internet. We’re so easily triggered at the idea of not winning a Super Bowl every single year we lash out at anyone that mentions an imperfection. It’s one of those we can make fun of it but you can’t situations.

And no one has it worse than Saints fans, they are just so bitter. The worst part is that they are right too, but they’re just so insufferable.

Capping Wild Card Weekend off were the Eagles fans waging their own war on a new enemy; Josina Anderson.

Just a lot of real life Spiderman meme’s mocking each other as they await their soon and sudden death the next day. It made me realize there’s not one universally tolerable fanbase left in the playoffs, and when you really think about it none at all.

The Packers? Please. Bunch of fake owners and grown men wearing styrofoam cheese on their head and making burner accounts to fight non existing Brady vs Rodgers comparisons.

Lamar Jackson is definitely the most obvious answer to who everyone wants to see win but Ravens fans online? Ask my girl @lindseyyok about that. Can’t trust fans of a franchise that idolizes a murderer.

I’ve never encountered any Niners fans online but I bet they are all attractive and rich and that’s annoying.

Don’t know where to start with Chiefs fans. Some of the most self-unaware people I’ve ever encountered. Blindly supporting domestic abusers on their team because there’s no video evidence and hey, if that’s what it takes to make it to the AFC Championship every few years. Plus, the two worst NFL fans online happen to be Chiefs fans.

Vikings fans pretending they have faith in Kirk Cousins to lead them to the promise land when they only cared about being the Saints anyways. Season is already a success for Vikings fans. The Skol thing is dumb too, way too culty for my liking.

I’m not even sure the 12’s know we’re making fun of them.


Titans and Texans fans? No chance those people exist.

The point is, if you’re offended by any of that, good, but it’s important to remember that fans of literally every single franchise in professional sports suck big time. Search any team name on twitter and you’ll find at least 50 fans at a time that you’d want to punch in the face. We all hate losing, and we all love online bullying other fanbases. So the next time you go to make a Dak pregame dance meme or make fun of Derek Carr’s eyeliner, expect some angry father of 3 to zoom in on your profile picture and make a low hanging insult about your physical appearance. That’s what real fans do.



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