The Eagles Season. Fin.


This one hurts in a number of ways. First Carson Wentz is ruled out because there was a 275 lb non-Iranian missile that located the coordinates of Wentz’s head.


Second to lose 17-9 again to Russell Wilson is the most nauseating part about this. I feel like we never got a fair shot at the Seahawks. Which seems exactly like someone who was making excuses would say. When we first played them we were spiraling uncontrollably and tonight obviously we’re playing with a squad that resembled the ‘Lil Giants and missing QB1.

Third I’ve never done a complete 180 on a team like I did on the 2019 Eagles team. Just a totally Jekyll & MR. Hyde team. In Week 7 I wanted the whole organization to fold just so I didn’t have to watch anymore football and hear about any more reports from anonymous sources. We were coming off a 37-10 loss to the Cowboys on primetime, Monty G was crying on 6ABC, and the world felt like it was ending. The same happened after they lost to Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Dolphins. They then rattled off four straight wins and I fell in love with this team of castoffs and misfits from the practice squad. It was the epitome of Philadelphia. A bunch of hardworking people who came together to find a way. A way to gel as a team. A way to win football games. A way to win the division. The Eagles epitomized the blue collar, bring your lunch pail to work, hardworking mindset we love.

Carson Wentz had something to prove and he did that the entire month of December especially late in games. He deserved to play a full 60 minutes of football in his first playoff game ever. He deserved to show the small group who believe the Eagles should’ve kept Foles, the national media, and other fanbases that continuously ridicule us about Wentz he deserved to be QB1. He doesn’t deserve to be labeled injury prone due to the fact that was a freak injury. Does he win it in the end? Even though the Eagles got nothing working when he was in there, I believe 4th quarter Wentz would’ve shown up. Now instead we have to talk about Carson Wentz’s durability issues and “Is he the QB of the future?” for another 9 months. I don’t know if Wentz will ever play another snap again; this head injury looks very serious.

But if he does, as any rational fan would do, we now make a list of people who’ve wronged us. They will all be Public Enemy #1 on the Carson Wentz hitlist like Steve Buscemi’s from Billy Madison only less creepier…maybe.

Here we go:

Josina Anderson (duh) and Torry Holt (who deleted the tweet so this tweet might be gone by the time you read this):


Brandon Stokeley –  who’s had THIRTEEN confirmed concussions during his career:


Elliot Shorr-Parks (obviously)

Max Kellerman:

Alshon Jeffery, Nelson Agholor

Orlando Scandrick:



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