Patriots Fans Are Already Rebelling: Burning Tom Brady Jerseys, Smashing Guitars & Questioning Belichick


Oh how the mighty have fallen! Patriots fans are so quick to forget this team literally brought them the best years of their lives. Just think, if you’re 26 like me you’ve experienced a Super Bowl championship on average every four years. That means if you  went to college in New England from 1993-2020 there was a good chance you were rioting on campus, burning couches, and drinking your face off while Tom Brady led your team to the Holy Grail time and time again.

Welp, that looks like it’s all over. Are Patriots fans some of the worst people in the world? Short answer: yes. Long answer: some of the biggest clout chasers in the world. These guys probably are Bills fans that bought a Patriots jersey just in case the Bills and Patriots played in the AFC Championship and they could light it on fire. Btw, that jersey took way too long to burn. Tom Brady is 100% the Anti-Christ.


Then we have a Patriots fan lighting guitars on fire and smashing them to pieces like he’s 90s Jeff Jarrett. I typically like to keep fiery weapons out of scumbag inbreds hands. Re-fucking-lax my guy this is like the first Super Bowl run you haven’t had in like 10 years.

jeff jarrett.gif


During the postgame the the media coming after Bill’s throat like they don’t walk past the trophy cases in the facilities at least once a day. The balls on this woman to stutter her way through that question. Thick and thin? What’s thin? The hundreds of AFC Easts, wins, and Super Bowls he’s brought you?


Now look at Suzie crying over this Divisional game because it’s the first one she’s paid attention to all year. She just started dating a guy named Tommy from Southie and Tommy loves the Pats and she’s head over heels for Tommy so she now loves the Pats. Give me a break Suzie. Nix the waterworks and get back to that lit pre-game your having with everyone in pajamas and drinking Raspberry WhiteClaws.



Now let’s take a look at how the other side is feeling. Taylor Lewan is never one to shy away from controversy and absolutely bodybags Tom Brady before he even has a chance to get his pads off. He probably watched TB’s video pre-game just to get that added edge to help Derrick Henry run for 182 yards on the ‘best’ defense in the NFL.

taylor lewan.jpeg



Derrick Henry: Great RB. Great Guy.

That’s a dub.

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