Orlando Scandrick Might Be The Saddest Human Of All Time


Eagles lost, we all know that. 17-9 same score as earlier in the year. They had two starting O-linemen out, not a single real wide receiver and Carson got cheap shotted in the first quarter. It was horseshit. Honestly Doug should get coach of the year for getting this practice squad to the playoffs, but I digress.

Anyway, right after the game. Fat fucking loser Orlando Scandrick tweeted out this nonsense.

Cool. You started in 4 playoff games and never even tipped a pass. You couldn’t even make the team you go out of your way to talk shit on. You’re so baby shit soft that Skip Bayless body bagged you on national TV you fucking ho. Your wife or girlfriend or whatever dumped you on Christmas because that’s how much of a loser you are.

You’re a clown and I hope Draya is getting tag teamed by every rapper alive right now. Goodnight.

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