Now We Have Chris Long Tipping $41.33 on His Check To Conclude the Patriots Dynasty Officially



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Chris Long just taking it a step further to put the final nail in the coffin on the Patriots dynasty. Hey Patriots remember the last time you lost in the playoffs? It was to the Philadelphia Eagles 41-33 in Super Bowl 52. Did you forget? Chris Long played for that team. The same Chris Long you let go in the off-season. The same game Tom Brady threw for 500 yards and lost. I’m sure this is just friendly banter between a guy and the team he used to play for. And look at good guy Chris over here tipping like 70+% because he’s so excited the Patriots lost. I’ll tell you something there’s going to be a happy barback receiving that tonight at 3am.

Btw, as a bartender, I hate when people don’t put the final amount on a check underneath the tip. Not that I can’t do any math and not that Chris Long can either. He went to Virginia. I went to Temple. A couple of the most illustrious schools in each other’s state in which they reside. Just that sometimes drunk people who overtip you at the time and are feeling themselves decide to mark the tip as fraudulent to their credit card company a couple days later after they realize they spent more then they meant that weekend and you were no longer their “boy” like they were screaming at you for two hours straight to end the night. If you’re not Chris Long and tipping 70+% or higher than fill it out all the way. We have calculators on our phones. Just a personal PTSD I get.


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