Josina Anderson Is A Kinda A Bitch Huh?




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Josina Anderson is a fucking bitch. And I’m not saying that in hopes of scoring a Frosty. Josina Anderson is legitimately the biggest bitch in the world and if anyone from the Eagles organization ever talks to her after this season they should have their contract terminated. How the fuck can someone in the media get away with saying this? Look at this hit from Jadeveon Clowney and tell me this isn’t the dirtiest thing you’ve ever seen?


He’s obviously concussed beyond means. His wife was escorted down to the locker room. He may never play another snap ever again and you have the fucking balls to agree with an opinion “there’s always something wrong with Wentz”. Anyone who promotes their Instagram handle as their Twitter name is a self absorbed, pompous fucking twat that doesn’t ever deserve to have their opinion hold weight. There’s always something with Josina Anderson. She continues to try and upend locker rooms because she loves seeing her name in the news when she has 0 sources and runs with shit she has no knowledge of. She made up the rumors about Carson Wentz to do her best to destroy the locker room because she has some personal vendetta against Carson Wentz. She did want NFL GMs to answer why Kaeparnick didn’t get a fair shot. She also mentioned they should institute a ‘Rooney Rule’ for QBs which is fucking nonsense. Fuck Josina Anderson.

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