I Was Wrong About The Eagles


I wasn’t wrong about them being a bad team, they are. I wasn’t wrong about them being a disappointment, they are. I was wrong when I said they wouldn’t make the playoffs, I didn’t take into consideration how incompetent the Cowboys are. That’s on me.

As a Pats fan I was in middle school the last time I was out of the playoffs this early so hopefully you guys can give me some pointers on what to do on the weekends now. It is embarrassing reading the sorry ass Eagles fan on Twitter today, you guys are losers. Don’t forget that. You’re losers. You beat up on the worst division in the NFL to fall backwards into the playoffs, you shouldn’t be proud of that.

I’ve made a lot of Foles is better than Wentz jokes to make you guys mad, it works every time, obviously Wentz is better but this might be it. 4 seasons in the NFL and he can’t stay healthy. It sucks because even though I think you guys overrate him he’s still good and even if he wasn’t you never want a guy to get hurt. At this point in his career, with all of the injuries and the way the early reports are of this one he might need to consider calling it.

The hit on Wentz was probably a penalty but it wasn’t dirty. You guys need to get over yourselves. I’ve never seen a fan base cry so much. It’s like every week, just a bunch of fucking cry babies. You had to deal with an insane amount of injuries this year, do you know what sport you’re watching? Half your team has legit injury history entering the year and no one was expecting guys to miss time?

You need to clean house this offseason, it isn’t 2017 anymore. Move on, regroup and get better. I picked you in the Super Bowl this year, no one is more upset that you’re bad than me. I’m just a bad person and am very happy that all of Branded is dead and onto basketball, I would be sick if you dorks could say you made it deeper in the playoffs than the Patriots.

Better luck next year!

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