All the Eagles Hype Videos to Get You Ready For Today’s Game!



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I am feeling so confident today the Birds are going to take care of business at the Linc. All the public money is on the Seahawks and bets are going off 5 to 1 in favor of Seattle. All the pro’s are backing the Eagles so much the line has dove from Seattle -2.5 to a pick ’em and Eagles -1 at some shops. We’ve got Chris Long out here tipping $41.33 on a check to kill the Patriots dynasty once and for all.

chris long check


There is an aura about the Linc. It’s a bone-chilling arena where opponents come confident and leave crawling for a way out. It’s the loudest in the league and the most passionate in the nation. Let’s get fucking HYPED!
The guys at DelcoDelphia never disappoint. They bring the fire each and every time so much you want to hit stick your neighbor while he’s going to get the morning paper!


The speech that launched a thousand wolf masks. Kyle Brandt channeling his inner Leo DiCaprio to bring you the heart thumping of 1,000 Jordan Belfort’s on cocaine and Lude’s!


Boners and Chills. That’s what hype videos do. Any video narrated by Ice T is an automatic winner!


Eagles vs. Everybody


Here’s one I hadn’t really seen making the rounds during the week, but it’s set to country music and it’s a fucking BANGER! Who knew country could be a soundtrack that would make you want to jump out of your skin?

Part 1:



Part 2:




Let’s finish off a clip from the 2017 Super Bowl run because this one still get’s me jacked up that I might strap on a helmet, go outside, and find people to do the Oklahoma drill with. No one was beating us that day.




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