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THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS DYNASTY IS DEAD! D-E-A-D DEAD! Derrick Henry ran all over Foxboro to the tune of 182 yards! I thought this was the Boston D Party?! The Boogeymen!? These guys were as good as the 2000 Ravens and ’85 Bears. Or maybe they just played shitty fucking offenses on their way to a 7-1 start and were frauds the whole time. The Patriots and their defense are FRAUDS! Tom Brady had only a little bit of pressure in his face and he folded like a cheap suit! Belichick couldn’t draft a wide receiver threat if it was handed to him! Should’ve traded up for Lamar Jackson when you had the chance because this Tom Brady is DEAD! He’s buried! Come back next year Tom. Come back meaner and scarier at 43 years old when the hair is peppered a little more gray and you have to switch to fish oil pills because your bones are becoming brittle with age! I’m so scared of Tom Brady. Hope your mom’s dip was great Eddie! Looks like that “lucky jersey” really works Ali! Boats did you kidnap Marcus Cannon or did he just not show up tonight? The wrong Italian died at the well! Should’ve kept the Italian Stallion and maybe the Patriots would’ve had a chance this year.

Do the Patriots care more about Oscars then they do about playoff wins? You can’t tell me that the two videos Tom and Julian Edelman released didn’t have something to do with this. Tom’s already thinking about production credits and Oscars like he’s Kobe Bryant post-retirement. Julian Edelman started a content company this year and had his worst year of his career and dropped a very meaningful first down late in the game. It’s too late to be scared Tom! He talked all that shit in the video and couldn’t even back it up. Bill Belichick is cutting a sizzle reel of all his best play calls. He’s trying to win a game which obviously his two main weapons could care less about.


Earn it. Every down. Every drive. Unless it’s late in the game and the team depends on me to move the ball.


Just saying – The Patriots are 0-2 since the release date was set for the Aaron Hernandez documentary. Hope all the guys can attend the premier now since they have nothing else to do on January 15th.

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