Antonio Brown Finally Drops His Newest Single “Whole Lotta Money”



Antonio Brown has teased his first single ‘Whole Lotta Money’ for a couple of months now. Well he finally dropped it at midnight last night. I understand why this was released after the Grammy nominations were announced. It’s 1:52 of synthetic auto-tune that sounds like if the codeine finally caught up to Future and Russell Wilson decided to get into the the rap game. A whole minute of it is AB just reciting the title of the song. I don’t know what it is about former Pittsburgh Steelers getting into the rap game and feeling like they need to just repeat the title from their song. Next, time Dr. Omalu has to go up against the NFL in court regarding concussions just play him these two lyrics. The CTE speaks for itself.


I can’t believe AB teased this for months. There’s no chance this caliber of a song takes more than a two weeks tops to create and produce. I feel like AB had to be put in timeout away from his phone just to record this.

“AB we need the title of the song on loop so no one forgets it, and 24 bars. Then you can have your phone back to tweet about white women and calling your mama a dike.”

We’re still waiting on the music video though.


I always wondered during music videos what happens with the money rappers throw in the air. Like is there a company out there who specializes in fake $100s that just sit in a four story warehouse ready to be used at all times? Did Antonio Brown use his own money because he heard a rumor that’s what Lil Wayne used to do in his music videos? Does an assistant then have to scavenge on the ground for the money once the music video is done? Every dollar they don’t bring back it’s taken out of their paycheck? These are the important questions that need to be answered.




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