Rondo Almost Killed A Guy For Calling Him Chris Paul


That my friends is the face of death. Call a guy Chris Paul and get ready to fight for your life. Feels like that scene from Semi Pro where the one guy gets called Jive Turkey. Like easy there kid. Call Rondo a cocksucker before you call him Chris Paul.

I wonder how CP3 feels about this. Think he’s like, what the hell man. Could be a lot worse right? Either way Rondo’s face was fantastic. We might have to get him enlisted. We’re going to need that type of energy over in Iran. You give me a fleet of Rondos and I’m taking over the world. One of the scariest humans alive. Not because he’s some giant tough guy. No, he’s scary in the way that cats are scary. At any moment he might jump on your hat and try to scratch out your eyes.

Gives me the shivers.

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