Pornhub Released Its Year in Review and Oh Look, Utah and Nebraska Are Up to Some Weird Shit!


One growing trend that’s really fantastic is Year in Review’s. Apple Music just started one. Spotify does one that’s blows Apple out of the water. Barstool does a great video recap. But Pornhub, has the most fascinating Year in Review of them all. Here’s what your State was getting off to in 2019!


Wow, what a shock that Utah was on some weird shit. Their most searched category was striptease?! Leave it to the Mormon state who doesn’t have sex until marriage, to go onto a site for sex videos…and still not indulge in sex. They watch striptease videos, you could’ve seen Jennifer Aniston do that in We’re the Millers and probably have cum quicker.

And let’s not leave out Nebraska and Ohio with their feet fetish. Not surprising at all that places like Cleveland or Cincinnati, known for being boring shitholes, wanted to spice things up with a nice foot job. Also, let’s not pretend geography is important. I’m only 88% sure that’s Nebraska there in the middle that’s into feet.

Also a few states are into pissing. I don’t judge people’s life choices but how did people get to the point where someone said “someone’s gonna piss on you, and were gonna record it” and you say “sure!”? Things can’t be that bad. Costco starts at like $14 an hour.

Last stat that is pretty interesting is the average age of Pornhub users.



36?! You mean I’m going to be watching even MORE porn as I start to get older?? One thing that comes to mind while seeing this: I’m pretty sure CEO Joe is right around 36, because it’s all Eddie talks about. CEO Joe also takes an absurd amount of sick days. He’s always posting videos of him “sick at home”. Hmmm, seems like the dots are really starting to connect here…

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