Dr. Phil Needs To Be Preemptively Arrested For Living In This Extremely Creepy House


It usually is always the people that seem the most sane that are the craziest. Dr. Phil has made billions of dollars off of psychotic people who need help, and after seeing these pictures of his house he is selling in Beverly Hills I think Dr. Phil needs well, Dr. Phil.

download (1)

I have watched a lot of Lifetime thriller movies and Trading Spaces in my lifetime, but this house looks like Jumanji on The Purge night. Snakes on the stairs? The fake antler barstools. Don’t forget that artsy wall of GUNS.

Dr. Phil is clearly an absolute freak. Maybe I’m still coming off watching my girl Baudi Moovan but Dr. Phil needs to stopped before someone gets really hurt. The catch me outside girl must be protected at all costs.

download (2)

You walk in that doorway and it just screams murder. The vibe of this whole place is nothing but murder. If this is what goes on in Dr. Phil’s head there’s only one person in the world that can help: Oprah.

download (3)download (4)download (5)

No mentally stable person has this in their house knowingly.

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 12.07.33 AM

And for the listing photos? Dude, take down your murder props if you want people to buy this place. Rule #1. In fact whoever does buy this thing needs to be investigated too. I don’t care how huge it is or that it would make a great pool party house…it’s for sure haunted as fuck. Dr. Phil doesn’t just “move out.”

I mean, what the actual fuck is going on here:

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 12.13.51 AM

Oprah, it’s all on you to save us from Dr. Phil and his murder house before it’s too late. Dr. Phil is for sure working on murder house #2 as we speak.


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