The Cowboys Refuse To Break Up With Jason Garrett

What an embarrassment to be a Dallas Cowboys fan? Your billionaire owner is so smitten with your former(?) present(?) coach of 9 years who’s only won 2 playoff games in his whole tenure that he’s acting like a middle school girl, choosing the “It’s Complicated” action on her relationship status. He’s deleting all of the pictures from his Instagram of them two to send a message, but answers Garrett’s “You up?” texts at 2am when they’re both drunk.

How can’t someone who’s probably fired 1,000 people in his life while simultaneously stepping on 1,000 necks to become an oil tycoon become so smitten by The Clapper? Does Garrett have a secret pee tape of Jerry Jones getting a golden shower from a blue chip prostitute? There’s no other reason why Jerry’s treating him with kid gloves.

I’m just happy to be apart of the most put-together organization in the NFC East. We’ve got the Giants firing their coach while retaining their GM who’s consistently mocked analytics but basically said he hired a bunch of nerds so people get off his back about analytics.

In Washington, Dan Snyder is a couple months behind on his holidays.

And now the one certainty that everyone expected, Jason Garrett’s dismissal, is now going on Day 5 with no answer. This is all speculation so far from Ed Werder’s sources. Somehow there still isn’t an answer on Jason Garrett’s future. And when we do get official word that he is fired no Cowboys fan should feel confident in the coaching search going forward. Look at the list of candidates the Jones’ interviewed the last time they needed a head ball coach.

Once the parting becomes official, the Cowboys will begin their first full-blown coaching search since Bill Parcells’ retirement following the 2006 season. Before hiring Wade Phillips ahead of the 2007 season, the Cowboys cast a wide net in their interview process that included Garrett, Norv Turner, Mike Singletary, Jim Caldwell, Ron Rivera, Todd Bowles, Todd Haley and Tony Sparano.


And in Philadelphia the Eagles are about to defeat Russell Wilson and the Seahawks Sunday. Man it’s good to be king!

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