I Love These Mummers Fighting Racism With Racism


I know we already touched on this last night in a blog, but I just wanted to say I love this guy fighting racism with racism. Listen, in today’s world “Don’t Do Blackface” is right next to murder and taking your shoes off on a plane. If you’re white and you want to be Michael Jackson for Halloween then you better go as the “Bad” version of MJ. If you want to be Sammy Sosa on October 31st, unfortunately you can’t be the 1999 Goliath homerun mashing mammoth. Nope, you have to go as vampire Sammy Sosa after one too many skin bleaches.

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Obviously, the Mummers have had a long history of performing with Blackface back in the day. Previous popular Mummers have included Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon.

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I hope one day Kevin Kinkel has his frilly Mummers jersey lifted to the rafters in the Froggy Carr Club especially after he dropped the “Getting Gritty With It” line that would make a young Will Smith blush. The reporter needs to be better and drop a ‘na, na, na, na, na’ after that.


I feel like the Froggy Carr Club needs a better PR team in 2020. When you’re being accused of blackface and the evidence is 100% against you, on camera, on the news in one of the biggest markets in the nation while using your full name, here’s how not to answer a reporters question.

“Why the blackface?”

“Cause I like it! Why does it matter?”


Listen, Mike here has probably grown up in Queens Village all his life and as a little boy when his grandfather would sit him on his lap every New Years as they watched the Mummers pass by and make some off-colored jokes; Mike couldn’t wait for the chance to be out there with them. At 16 he graduated from sitting in the back of the rented U-Haul or 1995 Chevy Tahoe his brigade used. His boys at St. John Neumann High were in the Froggy Carr Club with him and he even met his wife who was dressed up as a young Rudy Huxtable as a tribute to the Cosby show which was taking the nation by storm on ABC. Blackface is in his blood. You can’t control the blackface, you can only hope to contain it. You think David Banner likes not having control of when he turns into the Hulk? When it’s New Years Eve you think Mike here wants to break out the shoe polish he’s been dying to put on for 365 days? No. But he promised his grandfather on his deathbed he would always keep his legacy alive.

Also, Kevin and Mike here are just a product of their environment. If I also cashed my paycheck at the Pennsport Pub every Friday after getting off the dock I’d probably not have the rosiest outlook on the evolving world of social nuances.

Oh and Kevin Kinkel from the clouds after a 100 PBRs deep just double downed on his original comments. Congrats on defeating racism Froggy Carr. MLK, Malcolm X, Kevin Kinkel. Racism warriors. Kevin Kinkel’s talked to black people (found a homeless guy in between interviews), he did his research, and now he’s ready to deliver an intelligent take on the situation.


P.S. How about the Kinkman bringing his dead friend into this. Kinkman’s friend is sitting up in heaven (probably in blackface) like “What the fuck, don’t bring me into this.” The Kinker trying to pull the ultimate sympathy card, gotta respect it. Not his first racist rodeo.



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