Dan Snyder Is Out Here Wishing Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving on January 2nd



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How about Dan Snyder zigging when everyone is zagging? You think we just celebrated a new year, welcomed in a new decade? Nope egg on your face. It’s still November in Dan Snyder’s world. How drunk did bite size Dan get last night?

Look at Ron Rivera’s face. Forcing a smile wondering “Why the fuck is this dwarf saying Happy Thanksgiving and what did I just get myself into for the next 5 years? Reading Cam Newton’s hieroglyphics on Instagram were one thing.”

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I was a little bit nervous about the Redskins hiring Rivera from an Eagles perspective because he’s from a no-nonsense military background. The Redskins could use someone who brings a leadership mentality from the top. But now I’ve just done a complete 180 because it’s still Dan Snyder’s team and there’s still a mental midget at the top. As long as he’s there it’ll be same old Redskins. On the first day of training camp maybe he’ll wish us a Merry Christmas or Happy Groundhogs Day. This is the same guy who sued season ticket holders in 2008 because they couldn’t pay their ticket prices during the recession even though he claimed there were 200,000 people on the waitlist for season tickets. Then again it is very possible I am the idiot and Dan Snyder is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. It’s no secret the name controversy is top of the mind for every Redskins fan. Does Dan Snyder just go around and say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone just to let them know Native Americans are top of mind always? Just paying tribute to them whenever we can. He writes Happy Thanksgiving in birthday cards. Or maybe he got one of those Ancestry.com DNA tests and found out he’s .0003% Cherokee and feels he can just say Happy Thanksgiving wherever he goes. It would be the same as some white guy finding out he’s 2% South African and thinking he can salute every black person he walks by with the Wakanda salute or Black Power fist.

Oh Dan Snyder, you beautiful beautiful mental midget. I’m so happy you’re an owner of a NFC East team. This is the same guy who bought Six Flags and instituted his friend as CEO and him as Chairman. They bankrupted the company so bad they were kicked off the New York Stock Exchange and filed for Chapter 11 and Snyder lost his whole investment. Between his purchase of a theme park and the Johnny Rockets restaurants I imagine Dan Snyder as Tom Hanks in Big. Just some 13 year old who wants to drink a bunch of milkshakes and go on Steel Force and tell people he’s never changing the Redskins name…NEVER!

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