Conor McGregor Giving Us a Little Extra Gym Motivation For the New Year

As if we needed any extra motivation to get back into the gym after eating like shit and boozing for a week-plus straight, Conor Mcgregor is posting pics of his husky new look ahead of UFC 246:

My man Conor is built like a brick right now. I bet you if he challenged that old man in the bar to a rematch, McGregor would win this time!

My favorite time of the year is in fact the start of the year. Everyone is on a gym wave, including me. I see pics like Conor’s and it’s extra motivation. I think to myself, that guy isn’t too far off from me. With the right diet and putting in the work at the gym again, I could look like that too!

Then, on Friday I’ll skip the gym to get an early start on weekend drinking with my friends. On Sunday, I’ll get shitfaced in a Lincoln Financial Field parking lot and scream at 53 adult men who don’t know me. So…no #gymgoals this year. 2021 is my year. I can feel it.

As for McGregor, we haven’t seen him in the octagon since Khabib was jumping OUT of the octagon. McGregor’s trainer tweeted he expects things to a little bit different this time around:

If that picture is any indication, either he’s back on track like his trainer says or Proper Twelve Whisky is really Michael’s Secret Stuff.

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