UPDATED: Mummers Group Disqualified For Wearing Blackface And Their Response Is A Doozy

So basically here’s a run down. This Mummers group was doing a Gritty theme and in that they decided to paint their faces black. People got upset and they got disqualified. After that they were interviewed about what happened and their responses pretty much summed up these two idiots fairly well.

A lot is happening here. First off for those of you keeping track at home, Gritty has an orange face. So this was a stupid idea right from the jump. Just buy orange paint and no one is even talking about this. Until oompa loompas start feeling disrespected you’re safe.

It’s also a ridiculous move because balckface is like rule number one of shit you just don’t do. Mainly because it’s super racist, no other way around it. Even if whatever you’re doing has nothing to do with race, it’s racist. It just is. As they say, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. But it’s clear these two numb nuts are too stupid to realize any of this and what’s worse is no one tried to stop them.

My favorite part of the interview though is when these two start defending it. The first guy with a voice that says I’ve been chain smoking since I started working a jackhammer in middle school, goes with “because I like it” When asked why he went blackface. LOLOLOL. Not a great answer.

And then Kevin Kinkel, which by the way, using your real name while wearing blackface during an interview about being racist is quite possibly the wildest thing I’ve ever seen. But that doesn’t stop Kevin from saying “I haven’t done blackface in awhile.” Clearly the Froggy Carr has no PR department. I mean holy shit what a bad answer. That would be like getting caught punching your wife and when you’re arrested saying “But I haven’t hit her in like forever dude!!”

It’s time to just cancel the mummers parade. It’s easily the most embarrassing thing Philadelphia does. Counting all the snowballs and batteries. I mean it’s 2020, literally, day fucking one and we have drunk ass holes running around the city in  blackface. Time to RIP this thing. The only people that even like it anymore are the bottom of the barrel scumbags that get one moment every year to feel like they actually matter. Go back under the rock you guys crawled out from and leave society alone.

Update: Found more interviews and Kevin doesn’t double, he doesn’t triple, he quadrupled downs.

I mean, you almost have to laugh at how insane this interview is. Does Kevin not have a wife, girlfriend or any love one that might be able to step in and get him away from cameras. “I talk to black people.” Ummmmmmm Kev-O, chillllllllllllll. Just because you talk to black people doesn’t make this ok. Also, these black people you are referring to that said this was all good, I’m going to just toss my opinion out there. Feels kinda made up. But that’s just my opinion.

He follows that up with “I don’t do this a lot.” Once again, not a great answer. Just because you do something most people deem as racist only a few times a year doesn’t make it less racist. And RIP to whoever your friend is that you are referring to. Not making light of losing someone at all, that’s always sad. But honoring him with balckface is an odd play. Maybe toss his initials on your costume next year.

Lastly, Kevin closes the interview with, “we don’t call out the N word.” I actually laughed out loud. That is text book, what to say when you’re caught being racist and need a quick excuse. What does we don’t even call out the word mean? Like, “Listen do I say it in the safety of my own 600 square foot home in South Philly? Sure but that’s not racist.”

Wild place to start 2020. And by that I mean on the unemployment line I mean, because no way Kevin is coming back to a job after holiday break.

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[…] I know we already touched on this last night in a blog, but I just wanted to say I love this guy fighting racism with racism. Listen, in today’s world “Don’t Do Blackface” is right next to murder and taking your shoes off on a plane. If you’re white and you want to be Michael Jackson for Halloween then you better go as the “Bad” version of MJ. If you want to be Sammy Sosa on October 31st, unfortunately you can’t be the 1999 Goliath homerun mashing mammoth. Nope, you have to go as vampire Sammy Sosa after one… Read more »