A Farewell to Texas Football

When I first heard of the promotion with Gameday Guide, #Battle4ThePeach I was absolutely stoked. A little extra cheering incentive in what was already going to be a fantastic, as well as memorable, college football season.

When I heard that I was given Texas as my team, I was curious and excited, like a 14 year old when he figures out what can be found in the depths of the internet. Despite being a huge college football fan, I didn’t know much about Texas the football program or the state, since I don’t religiously worship the 2nd amendment.

What I quickly learned is that Texas was the perfect team for a Philly fan like me. Here in Philadelphia we claw onto preseason hype and the misguided belief that next year will truly be, THE YEAR. So when Texas quarterback, Sam Ehlinger declared at the end of the Sugar Bowl last season that Texas was officially BACK™️, I bit the cheese. Ignoring the ghosts of Philly Sports past, I eagerly and confidently awaited a storybook season from Texas, hoping it would lead me to the promiseland (Atlanta strip clubs).

By Week 2, I realized what a grave mistake it had been to get saddled with this team. They fought tooth and nail but ended up falling in their second game to some schmuck named Joe Burrow. Then they lost the Cotton Bowl to Oklahoma. They lost on the road at TCU for the billionth time. And they lost on a walk off at Iowa State.

The Battle 4 The Peach quickly turned to The Battle 4 The Sugar. And then to The Battle For The Alamo, which is where things currently stand.

See, Texas Football, was a lot like that gifted kid in school who never did his homework. You believed in him because of his talent, but he was still infuriating because he never applied himself and followed through. That’s rooting for Texas this season. And well, every season this decade.

But if I know anything about how a program like Texas operates, and I do because I’ve watched two decades of Philly sports, I know a glitter of hope is coming. Texas beats Utah in the Alamo Bowl. A win over a one loss Utah program that had a phenomenal year and a defense the Longhorns could only dream of would springboard Texas Football into officially being back for 2020. In the hapless cycle of “there’s always next year” the hope always comes after the disappointment. And that’s where we sit with the eyes of the nation on Texas one last time this year. One win away from officially, probably, possibly, hopefully being BACK™️ next season.

I say farewell to the Longhorns and thanks for the memories. Let’s do it again sometime, I’m sure I’ll have bought into your program again by then.


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