Orlando Scandrick Backtracks Everything He Said About the Eagles



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That dry snitching rat boy fuck Orlando Scandrick just backtracked everything he said two months ago about the Eagles. The fact that he originally thought it was ‘scape-goatish’ the Eagles cut him when it was as simple as he wasn’t good enough is baffling. And the problem was a lot more deeper than Orlando Scandrick because a lot of the starters from that 2017 Super Bowl team did get comfortable and probably stopped working as hard. There is a reason the Eagles are in the playoffs with the core group of Boston Scott, Greg Ward, Dallas Goedert, Miles Sanders, and even Carson Wentz on offense. None of those guys were a direct factor for the Birds hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl 52.

Re-watching this video, and hindsight is 20/20, the fact we gave Orlando Scandrick the time of day after this is hilarious. He referenced himself and Zach Brown as the scapegoats for the Eagles troubles. There’s a reason Zach Brown and Orlando haven’t even received a sniff from another team.

Which brings us back to today when he acknowledged that the Cowboys and Eagles are going in two opposite directions in terms of organizations. I hope someone from the Eagles ships Orlando Scandrick an NFC East Champions tee shirt and hat. The Eagles should’ve cut him in training camp, because when he said, “Is the ultimate goal just to get in the playoffs?”. Well that’s where the path to the ultimate goal starts. No one believes in this team and no one believed in the 2017 team either. Like Jason Kelce said hungry dogs do run faster and this team is the epitome of hungry dogs right now.

Just maybe Orlando Scandrick isn’t the litmus test for what is and what isn’t a healthy NFL organization. Shocker the guy who thought career groupie Draya Michele was marriage material doesn’t give the most sound analysis.



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