Cowboys Undecided On Whether They Want to Keep Going 8-8

Black Monday in the NFL has come and gone. There were a lot of familiar faces today. The Giants are looking for their third coach in five years. The Redskins fired their coach so long ago they’re ready to hire another. The Browns were such a shit show they didn’t even wait until today, they canned Freddie Kitchens before Sunday Night Football even kicked off. And there’s the Cowboys.

Black Monday has been a roller coaster for the Cowboys. There was a report earlier today that EVERYONE on the staff had been fired, not just Jason Garrett. As we head into Tuesday, the only concrete fact that we have is that Garrett has met with Jerry Jones and the rest of the front office. As of now, nothing has really changed in Dallas:

Like everything with the Cowboys, it’s more for the show than for the result. Every team that needed to make a decision already has. Now we wait on the Cowboys and Jerry Jones. So we will spend every waking minute paying attention to them until they do.

It was poetic that the Cowboys scored 47 in a meaningless game a week after scoring 9 when it mattered the most. That’s been their identity under Garrett: underachieving. Now, with the most obvious decision being to fire The Clapper, they’ve held out on pulling the trigger. And everyone is paying attention to them once again.

For Dallas, results only matter until it’s time for them to produce results. Then they realize they want attention, oh so much more.

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