Branded Sports At The Peach Bowl: Part 1


This weekend Branded Sports went down to Atlanta s/o GameDay Guide for the Peach Bowl against LSU and Oklahoma. In Part 1 the tailgating scene was absolutely DOMINATED by LSU. It had to be 90/10 purple and gold that at one point we thought the whole stadium was going to be LSU. It ended up being around 50/50 inside. LSU fans are the absolute nicest people we’ve ever met. Multiple LSU fans offered us cocktails and gumbo throughout the day. I’m sure Oklahoma fans are nice people, but like I said we didn’t meet many during the pregame. Btw, we met the real life Boomer Schooner and the horses look huge on TV, but probably aren’t bigger than a Great Dane in real life. Don’t ever meet your heroes folks.

Part 2 is dropping Wednesday and I promise you it is can’t miss stuff. We interviewed fans from both teams post-game as they came out of the stadium and let the camera roll for 30 straight minutes.

Again shoutout GameDay Guide because none of this happens without them in the first place. Give them a follow and look into booking your trip to a game with them in 2020.

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