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Hit it Monty G!



9/10 G’s!


The only person in the world having a worse day than Zach Ertz is me sitting in the Atlanta airport since 10:30am waiting for my 7:30pm flight on Spirit. Spirit Airlines reminds me a lot of Daniel Jones. It’s a young airline that needs to make better adjustments in times of duress, and will let it fly when it’s not recommended.

It honestly feels crazy we’ve risen like a phoenix from the ashes just 10 weeks ago after getting demolished by the Cowboys on primetime 37-10. Monty G was tearing up while flapping his wings and now we control the division. But that’s what happens when the NFC East is a dumpster fire. You have the opportunity for a team with 12 wins having to travel for the first round. Life is a funny thing.


Since I’ll be in the air at the time the game concludes, here is my message (plea) to the Eagles to please wrap things up before I take off on this bright yellow deathtrap.


Greetings Eagles,

It’s me, Kyle. I’ve been loyal to you for years from the good times in 2017 to the bad times when I cried after the Super Bowl in 2004 at 11. When my dad asked me why I was crying I told him ‘You, don’t understand.’ Completely forgetting he witnessed first hand the Buddy Ryan, Dick Vermeil, Marion Campbell, Rich Kotite, and Ray Rhodes years, not to mention a crushing loss in the 1981 Super Bowl when the Birds were favorites. 

I really would rather not cry again and find out after my bird lands that you lost to the NYG. Let’s wrap this one up early. Put the foot on the gas and then step on their neck. I want it to be 24-0 by the time Zone 7 boards. I want it to be 38-0 by the time the flight attendant charges me $7 for a water bottle. Please don’t break my heart. Playoff football in Philadelphia is the greatest time of the year. 

Warm Regards,


P.S. The Eagles D has it’s swagger back

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